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Yin-Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol that represents balance and that one thing cannot exist with out the other. For example, if wealth exist, then so does poverty. This philosophy is that everything in nature has it's opposite; good-evil, night-day, sun-moon, love, hate. The traditional Yin- Yang symbol  has an outer circle  that represents everything, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called yin(black) and yang (white), which cause everything to happen and cannot exist without the other. The yin is passively  feminine, secret,shady, dark,mysterious, cold . The yang is aggressively masculine, clear, hot,sun, heat. In the above diagram the fire is yang and the water would be the yin. When faced with a dilemma think about the duality of this concept to arrive at some truth. By looking at both sides of a coin we can chose an alternative to an aversive situation. (Photo by Cuban Rock Angel37)