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Five Elements

ying and yang
Another theory associated with the ying- yang are the 5 elements. According to the Chinese everything in the world belongs to one of the five elements: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. The 5 element theory has the same fundamental philosophy as the yin/yang theory of constant change and finding balance in nature and in our lives. The five element can be understood as phases of a constantly moving cycle. In the constructive cycle Wood feeds Fire;Fire creates Earth (ash);Earth bears Metal;Metal carries Water (as in a bucket or tap, or water condenses on metal);Water nourishes Wood. In the destructive cycle water puts out the fire; fire melts metal; metal chops up wood; wood penetrates earth, and earth absorbs water. The five elements also corresponds to specific colors: Wood = Green Fire = Red Water = Black or blue Earth = Brown or Yellow Metal = White, Gold, or Silver. The properties of the five elements are: Metal= mental power, fire= forceful energy, earth= grounding and support, wood=personal growth, water=release and renewal. If you need more fire in your life, for example, you can wear the color red for that energy, of if you need more grounding, wear the earth color green. This is one of the ways to implement the five element theory to balance and enhance certain areas of your life.(photo by  Setiankh )