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Cigar Impressions

Women making huge heaps of dried tobacco-leave...Image via Wikipedia
Forming an overall impression of a cigar means using all your senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and even your hearing.  First, sight and touch go hand in hand.  The first thing you do when you remove a cigar from a box, or from your humidor, is inspect it.  Even if this act is only subconscious, the appearance and feel of the cigar wrapper tells a story, and several lessons about taste can be learned from outside of any cigar.  Then, listen to it. Roll the cigar between your fingers in order to determine the moisture content of the wrapper and the filler.  It should be firm, but should give a little when squeezed, and there shouldn't be any rustling or crackling of the leaves...the wrapper plays an important role because... {it}is your first contact with the personality and character of a cigar.(cigar companion Pg.154)