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Scent of a Good Cigar

cigar poetry
What is it that comes through the deepening dusk,
Something sweeter than Jasmine scent,
Sweeter than rose and violent bent,
More potent in power than orange or Musk?
The Sent of a good Cigar

I am all alone in my quite room,
And the windows are open wide and free
To let in the South's wind's kiss for me,
While I rock in the softly gather Gloom,

And that subtle fragrance steals,
Just as loving tender hand
Will sometimes steal in yours,                                                     photo by Jose blanco809
It softly comes through open doors,
And Memory wakes as it command
The scent of a Good Cigar

And what does it say?
Ah! That's for me and my heart alone to know;
But that heart thrills with a sudden glow, 
Tears fill my eyes till I cannot see,
From the scent of that Good Cigar
                                              -Kate A. Carrington