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The Captain's Cigar Box

captain's humidor
 A cigar box with the initials " EJS " was discovered to belong to Edward John Smith, the Captain of the Titanic. The walnut humidor carries the distinctive emblem of the White Star Line identified by auctioneer John Crane. The cigar box is a 12-inch wide humidor weighing three pounds.  This is what the current owner, Hilary Mee, said about the cigar box: "According to my father he was given the box by a member [of] the family of Captain Smith's wife. It has been passed down through two generations before Doris Harrington, Captain Smith's great-niece gave it to my parents.... It's been in our family since the early 1990s but we were never really aware of its real significance ".  RIP to the 1,517 people who perished, including Captain Smith, in one of the worst maritime disasters in world history. The cigar box will be auctioned on May 19th 2011 in Liverpool. Source