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Cigars at Paley Park

Samuel Paley Park
William Paley, La Palina Cigar and Cigar Rights of America hosted a legal outdoor smoke event in counterpoint to the banning of smoking in New York City’s public parks. Bill Paley, invited fellow tobacco enthusiasts for a smoke in the fine-free zone inside the park created by his father. Samuel Paley Park is a privately owned park, set aside for the enjoyment of the people of New York. After work I headed over to the  De La Concha cigar shop  at 1390 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019-3907 and picked up a triple liergo by Camacho to celebrate with other cigar smokers by sharing a good cigar and observing the 44th Anniversary of the opening of Paley Park. This park located at 3 east 53rd st in New York City is privately owned and therefore not  under the smoking ban restrictions.