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Perfect Cigar Wrapper

cigar roller
 The first thing when buying a particular product or item is to examine it and making sure its in perfect condition. In this case what attracts potential buyers is how the item is presented by its initial appearance.  The same thing applies when buying a cigar.  The first point of contact with a cigar is the outer wrapper because it provides texture and beauty.  Wrapper appearance will vary from cigar to cigar due to different types of tobacco leaf that can be used.  In the tobacco industry there is a term called  "tooth " to indicate  a less smoother wrapper. Cameroon wrappers  have this trait with oil on its bumpy surface, and is considered to be full of flavor.  Seeing oil in any wrapper is  a sign that the cigar has been properly humidified.  A dry cigar will not taste as good and the wrapper will unravel, so a perfect cigar wrapper will be your first indication of a good cigar!