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Smoke Addict

smoke addict
 I have never heard of anyone wanting to stop smoking cigars, but that's not the case with cigarettes. The latest invention involves killing one addiction and creating another one like a social networking addict. The idea of creating a social network for cigarette smokers is what encourages smoking in the first place. Blu, the maker of electronic cigarettes that release a nicotine-laden vapor instead of smoke, are equipped with devices that emit and search for the radio signals of other packs. When they get within 50 feet of one another, the packs vibrate and flash a blue light. The device can be set to exchange information about their owners, like contact information on social networking sites, that can be downloaded onto personal computers. The other interesting thing it does is vibrate when a smoker nears a retail outlet that sells Blu cigarettes, so now your addicted to buying the device. (photo Link)