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Trafalgar # 4

Nat Sherman cigar review
 Before going home after a long day in the office, I decided to make a pit stop to the New York City retailer Nat Sherman at 42nd between Fifth and Madison Ave. Nat Sherman has a few exclusive cigars and here is a sample list from their cigar line:
1400 Series
Nat Sherman Suave
Host Cigars
Metropolitan Cigars
VIP Cigars
Maduro Metropolitan Cigars
Gotham Eastside Cigars
Gotham Westside Cigars
 The cigar I smoked was a trafalgar # 4 which had been  previously discontinued was priced at $12.60.  The cigar started very mild and casually elevated to a medium smoke.  The cigar is creamy and smooth and can be easily smoked to the tip of your fingers. Great for beginners or when your not feeling a strong cigar especially after you smoked three or more cigars to bring it down a notch.
Trafalgar # 4 Dimensions:
Length: 6 inches
Ring Gauge: 47
Filler Origin: Dominican Republic/Mexico/Jamaica
Wrapper Origin: United States/Conn. Shade-Grown
Country: Dominican Republic