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Temptation Cigars

This lancero, known as an El Laguito No. 1 in a Cuban cigar factory performed very well considering it's a long cigar with a thin gauge. This Lancero 7.5x38 size is a challenge to make or roll because the construction has to be perfect to fill the cigar. I found the wrapper to be of good quality and the cigar burned even with a nice white ash. I was surprised that this cigar was smooth and creamy because this size can present problems like burning to hot and creating unpleasant flavors, but it was not harsh or bitter at any point. The other surprise was that this cigar had a good draw and that could have been another issue with this type of cigar, but again the cigar is well constructed. Hence, there is great skill behind the making of this Temptation Cigar. Overall, I enjoyed the cigar very much and the churchill maduro 7x48 also did very well, and the only difference is the wrapper which has more flavor and taste, and a little stronger. I would recommend smoking these Temptation cigars to try something else that's new.

Cigar:Lancero habano Claro
size: 7.50x38
Strength : light/medium
Wrapper : Equador
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua

Company Info: David Insignares "president" of J&D Cigar Co
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