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Copa Del Sol

Alec Bradley cigar
I purchased a cigar today at an uptown newsstand on 3rd Ave in NYC.  The cigar is named Copa Del Sol and Alec Bradley had his name printed on the bottom of the cigar box which is why I decided to go ahead and give this cigar a try.  The only information I got about this cigar was from bestcigarprices.com available  for $72.95 for a box of 20 cigars using Honduran tobacco. The Copa del Sol is actually an annual exhibition international club football tournament played on the south coast of Spain. Other than that, the cigar burns straight with a very dark ash and is medium in strength.  The medium brown wrapper is very thin and didn't get much taste except for the natural tobacco, but at least the draw was easy. The best detail about the cigar is the attractive Aztec label that it has, and I paid $6.00 for this experiment!