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Resiliency of Character

True success comes from overcoming obstacles which develops resiliency of character. Learning how to solve personal problems builds an enduring and positive capacity to cope with stress and adversity. The ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, and the like is a matter of resiliency or "bouncing back"
and making a recovery from some type of loss or pain. Staying healthy mentally and physically gives us the reserves we need
to battle some type of disgrace,misfortune, accident, or some other unexpected mishap. The key to having sound health of mind and body is to think and see yourself in a positive light  to enhance inner tranquility and calmness which will deflect, negate, repel negative circumstances. Our only setback is our self doubt that we create because of our narrow-mindedness at times. When you keep telling yourself that things will be alright it will reinforce that belief and increase your chances of achieving your intended goals. No matter how grim things may seem, once you shift your outlook to a more encouraging one things seem a bit more manageable, and possibilities now can become your true reality.
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