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Tapping Your Potential

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In some intrinsic way, everyone knows they have some level of potential.  We often discover our potential in times of despair or crisis until  the negative experience or challenge shows us the strength we didn't know we had. Naturally, when we our motivated we use more of our potential, so why wait for a painful experience to come along to start using our potential powers.  The best way to tap your potential is by doing it on a daily basis through prayer.  The power of praying connects us to the great source of power, which is the Divine Spark, Higher Self, the Absolute, the spirit, the soul.  Prayer heightens your awareness and perception to give you insight and direction in your life. The benefits of prayer, especially in a group, will boost your energy and vitality. To maintain and establish harmony in the midst of chaos, start praying and realize your potential to make a difference in the world.