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Chopping Wood

It's time to chop wood and pluck out the eyebrows. In general, when a concern or problem continues it will eventually hit a critical point that will cause a negative reaction because it will put you in a victimized defensive mode, at the last minute, and cause you to make the wrong move and behave erratically.  Things that are simple to take care of can get out of hand and out of control because proper action was not taken to resolve a pending issue. Sometimes problems are created through self-infliction due to a lack of attention or underestimating the circumstances, so don't take the little things for granted because they can escalate and become overwhelming. To stay focus, sharp, and alert make a conscious effort to keep your appearance neat by trimming your beard, shaving your legs, getting a pedicure, riding a bike, running on the treadmill. Engaging in some form of healthy practice like meditation will increase your ability to concentrate and take proactive measures to live life in a productive way. When things seem to slip and you start to feel sluggish is a sign to get back on the treadmill to take  focused action and put your best foot forward. There is no need to be a victim of circumstances once you start to live in a proactive nurturing way.