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FDA Regulation of Cigars

  *On Deb 8th 2011, the FDA will stop accepting public comments on regulating the Cigar Industry.If FDA controls Cigars this is what might happen:
 1. No more self-service, walk‐in humidors – your cigars would be behind lock and key (customer sees only B&W photos)
2. Higher cigar prices to fund FDA’s control over the cigar industry.
3. Potential end to new cigar blends and limited editions.
4. Restrictions on manufacturing that ruin the taste and aroma of your cigar.
5. No premium cigars with flavors of coffee, distilled spirits, or other flavorings sought only by adult audiences.
6. Onerous advertising restriction.

Call your U.S. Representative (U.S. House main number is 202-225-3121) to
cosponsor HR 1639, and your U.S. Senators to cosponsor S. 1461 (U.S. Senate main number is
(The deadline has been extended until Jan. 19, 2012)