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Bagua Map

Bagua Map
Bagua is a Chinese word that means eight areas and it is derived from the book of the I-Ching, a sacred text used to tell the future. Those eight areas represent the eight living areas of life.The bagua map can also have a ninth center section that corresponds to the 8 major corresponding life areas. To use the map, align the entry to your home with the bottom of the map. The goal is to divide your home up into nine equal parts like the feng shui bagua chart. The bagua map is a guide to how our living space should be arranged and decorated. The wealth bagua is the far left corner of the home. To improve this area a remedy can be used by placing a water fountain, for example, which  represents the flow of money into your life, or decorate this area with crystals, mirrors or green plants. Use the chart to add  the corresponding color to the area that you want to improve. Individual guas have unique personalities, symbols, and associated elements. When you know about each element and its meaning, the bagua tells you how can you make healing enhancements to your space using one or more elements.