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Going Within

We can receive guidance from our own internal wisdom because as human beings we can turn inward for help and inspiration. All you need to do is quiet yourself to achieve moments of peace and insight. When you quiet your mind, distract it from the constant nonstop flow of thoughts and images that arise unbidden, you have access to those quieter receptive areas of your mind to achieve stillness and serenity. Once your at this level you will begin to observe words or images, just quietly observe or listen to any voices, images, words that emerge. This is a way of listening to your inner guidance and feeling the right answer or choice to your question. In conclusion, this is a way of coming into some sort of resolution or agreement with the right course of action to take, and trusting your instincts to taking the best approach and empowering your life. Find a special place in your home where you will not be interrupted so you can be in direct contact with your inner self, and you will be amazed at the wonders you'll discover. *(photo credit: indiadivine.org)