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Sink or Swim

sink or swim
 When you start to realize that something is wrong in your life and things are not clicking is a sign that you are becoming conscious or aware of a problem. If the problem is not detected mentally, it can start to reflect through uncomfortable feelings like feeling isolated or confused. At this point when the negative feeling is detected, you can immediately shift that weak force by choosing a better thought or adjacent possibility.  For example, if you have fear develop a feeling of trust by redirecting what you feel into a higher vibration through conscious intention and choice by making a mental shift  and reminding yourself of positive options.  You can either sink or swim the choice is up to you, but in order to make a positive change in your life you have to accept responsibility and start to shift your consciousness to produce better results. You can't just affirm the positive without affirming the negative; it won't work. You have to get to the root of the problem to affect a positive change. For instance, you won't be successful by repeating the word success if deep inside you feel  like a worthless, unworthy individual. Once you change that feeling from being unworthy to a deserving mentality then the positive change for success will arrive: Remember there is no drowning allowed only to keep on striving.