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Candle Charm

Burning candles can be very therapeutic and relaxing especially if its aromatic. Candles can affect are moods and cause an altered state of awareness and change our environment or area of space. The color of a candle can also have some significance; for example, a green colored candle can  represent money.  The reason for this is that candles have a vibrational influence, and using the correct color can aid you  for whatever you are working on  manifesting into your life. Before using a candle for its vibrational energy, it should be dressed or anointed with scented oil, virgin oil/baby oil or whatever your intent is. Candles have a polarity (the top is the North Pole and the bottom is the South pole) and starting from the middle rub upwards and then again from the middle rub downwards; this is a form of blessing to banish negativity. To use a specific colored candle look up the associated meanings of its color. For instance to attract love use the color of red.

*photo credit-http://www.eatwell101.com/romantic-candles-for-valentines-day-valentines-day-romantic-scented-candles