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Cellar Reserve Gurkha cigar

cellar reserve Gurkha cigar
The Gurkha aged 15 year cigar is a Dominican Puro created by the Masters of K.Hansotia & co. This is the info provided by Gurkha cigar... "The vintage Cellar Reserve uses the finest quality 15 year-old aged tobacco, comprised of an oily Criollo 1998 wrapper, that combines an aged Dominican, Olor binder with a 15-year old Dominican filler. Housed in unique wooden boxes that aesthetically evoke a maturing wine barrel, the Cellar Reserve is a delicious medium to full-bodied cigar that is full of flavor and complexity."  I smoked A Gran Rothchild and it burned even with a decent draw. The cigar to me is a dry full body cigar with a nutty finish balanced with some smooth and mild flavors of  earth and wood. The Cellar Reserve comes in five sizes: *disclaimer- This cigar was  smoked and purchased at the cigar inn.

Perfecto Box of 20 Cigars 4x 58
Doble Robusto Box of 20 Cigars 5x 58
Gran Rothchild Box of 20 Cigars 6x 58
Churchill Box of 20 Cigars 7x 54
XO Box of 20 Cigars 6x 60