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Cuban Cigar

I have heard that Cuban cigars were superior than any other cigar in the world at one time, but that's not the case anymore due to various reasons; however, even with the question of personal taste there are much better tasting and looking cigars being made due to the blending of different tobaccos coming out of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Brazil, and Nicaragua, and at about 1/2 to 1/4 the price. The cultivation process of tobacco outside Cuba has improved, so is it really a myth that Cuban cigars are so good, originating from the fact that they are not imported to the US, or is it hype that Cubans are really better?  When you throw in the price tag for a cigar, this is also considered a preference, and  sometimes the cost of a cigar does matter. All things being equal can non-Cubans rival an original authentic Cuban  like a Guantanamera brand or not .

*photo credit-http://www.wackyowl.com/5-alltime-favorite-cuban-cigars/