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Magic Stones

magical stones
Stones are connected to earth energy because they are part of the earth and are also linked to element of air being a vital life force since both these elements are contained in the body and their vibrations merge. Stones can be utilize for healing, luck, protection against negative energy, and increase psychic skills. Each stone has a certain vibration; for example for prosperity and abundance the color green represents money and orange for good luck, or white for protection. Stones should be cleaned before using by placing them in water with a little salt and can be left in sunlight for three days for best results. Do not let other people touch these stones since negative people can cancel what your working on. If you are drawn to a particular stone then that is the one that is meant for you to utilize for whatever purpose you need it for like legal matters, protection, or success.
*photo credit:  http://www.huttoncommentaries.com/article.php?category=5&article=105