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Gypsy Angel

gypsy Angel
Angels appear to humans in the form to which one easily relates. Spirit guides come from all races, colors, religion and creed; therefore it’s of no surprise to have an African guide even if your skin is white. Your own spiritual energy can attract spirit guides. Let’s say you’re a writer and that ability may be compatible to another spirit who would like to assist you naturally.  Throughout our lives we will attract spirit guides to assist us. But your guardian angel never leaves your side because it is your protector spirit guide assigned to you at birth to guide you.  God made man in his image and made him a little lower than the angels. You can have departed family guides on the other side like a grandmother of pure light protecting you because you are both spiritually compatible. Aside from your spirit guides, you have the order of angels that bring comfort in moments of despair. Angels is derived from the ancient Greek as Angelos- meaning messenger and these specific angels can be invoked like Archangel Gabriel and the Angels of Abundance and Fortuna for financial assistance.  When making a connection with spirit guide picture in your mind the image that best resonates within you and visualize the characteristics of your guide.  Is it male or female, Arabic, Indian, African, or a gypsy from Central and Eastern Europe? The image of your guide should resonate and vibrate within you. The greatest knowledge is to know thyself and once you have captured and confirmed this information it will become easier to connect with that particular spirit. Don’t worry if you don’t believe in spirit guides or angels because they believe in you, but god helps those who help themselves and its time to wake up and smell the coffee to actively partake responsibly in your spiritual development, so open up your third eye and enhance your intuition spirit and  your capacity to see beyond.

photocredit: http://magickalgraphics.com/gypsy8.htm