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om mantra meaning
Mantra is a sound or vibration that when repeated will lead you to higher levels of awareness, and there are different mantras for health, wealth, karma, relationships, protection. Thus mantras, when used properly, are powerful tools for meditation and enlightenment. Mantras Represent deities that are in charge of the particular mantra, so there are mantras for various purposes. Eastern peoples have long known the power of the word and sacred chants to facilitate spiritual power and transformation of consciousness. Exploring mantras is about freeing your mind, overcoming obstacles, avoiding danger, or accumulating wealth.The most basic mantra is Aum, which is known as the "pranava mantra", the source of all mantras. Aum represents the first manifestation of Brahman, the Supreme reality. The positive vibration of sound can let your mind find a solution through meditation and recitation of mantras.