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Prosperity Blessings

Energy flow
In order to have a prosperous life, giving and receiving are necessary elements for attaining abundance because change and flow are essential for growth to occur for nothing that remains still can expand or prosper. This exchange between giving and receiving is a cycle of life that applies to the laws of motion:  "What comes in goes out, and what goes around comes around". If nothing comes in nothing leaves because the flow has stopped. Giving is also comparable to the law of return- what you send out comes back multiplied, so giving is an expression of love and gratitude that balances the energy flow of abundance. To receive abundance also requires that you accept your worthiness and personal merit to adequately exchange your time, energy, and intellect, so learning to ask for abundance signifies your dignity, self-worth, and ability to receive it. If you are too ashamed to ask for abundance then it will elude you. Asking opens up the doors of opportunity because within the question there's a solution presented somewhere. When you improve your communication and learn how to ask, you will find the blessing of prosperity.