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Moon- Walk

moon spell
Are you feeling heavily down and out? If you feel the need to rid yourself of something negative like a person or situation then you can use the power of the moon. First and foremost always pray to your creator and  ancestors to give you strength and wisdom to overcome a troublesome situation.  The best time to eliminate something negative or a bad habit, work with the power of the moon.  Its best to use the waning period of the moon when the light is decreasing because this is the best time to free yourself of  that negative attachment. Here is an incantation that can be used for this purpose. On a piece of paper write the following:

Pray to the moon when she be slivered,
from ill I shall be delivered.
All that has harmed me now is bound,
Down, down beneath the ground.

After this is written you can tear the paper or burn it, and afterwards discard the remains or ashes by flushing it down the toilet or burying the pieces of paper in the earth. If you decide to use fire flush the ashes otherwise just bury the paper outside away from your home. When its time to fight negativity do the moonwalk and be the man in the moon to leave negativity behind once in for all. Good Luck!

*photo credit:http://sheenalashay.com/2011/02/february-new-moon-rooted-and-moving/