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Chanting for Money

magician spell
Before poetry became a written art it was an oral one. For this reason poetry is used to work magic in the style of chanting and rhyming to invoke or make a request like a prayer. In other words, manifest your desires by using repetition, affirmations and incantations to fulfill your wishes. For instance, an abundance or money spell may use chanting as a form of oral poetry to give a set of directives like attracting large sums of money into your pocket, bank account, and to experience wealth, prosperity and abundance. incantations are  words energized and infused with magical power. Here is an example: "Money, money in my hand, double, triple as fast as you can". The rhyme and repetition that is heard serves as a mnemonic device as well to aid and strengthen the spell.
*photo credit: http://caroleannmoleti.blogspot.com/2011/11/magical-rituals-in-variety-of-magical.html