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Moon Spells

magic moon spells
Doing any type of magic spell is a form of ritual to assist the spell caster in achieving a desired goal. The ritual process stimulates or appeals to the subconscious mind to attract what we are seeking after, with affirmations and the power of intentions of the goal sought, to enhance concentration of desired plans and outcomes. Certain days of the week and phases of the moon can impact a ritual. Thursday, for example, is ruled by the planet Jupiter and a good day to to spells for money.  Ceremonies can be elaborate or simple, but one should also implement the 4 elements which are water, earth, fire, and air by utilizing a cup of water, a candle, incense, and flowers or plants. Friday is ruled by planet Venus and good for love and passion; Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is good for releasing bad habits and ridding negative energy. Monday is ruled by the moon and Sunday is ruled by the sun. If you can manage the right day with the proper moon phase then the spell will have a stronger effect. Combine your intentions with faith and hope and there is a strong chance and likelihood that you will succeed.