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Tobacco Shop

Indian cigar
*O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
             Give me in due time, I beseech you, a little
             With the little bright boxes
                             piled up neatly upon the shelves
              And the loose fragrent cavendish
                              and the shag,
               And the bright Virginia
                              loose under the bright glass cases,
                And a pair of scales
                               not too greasy,
And the votailles dropping in for a word or two in a 
For a flip word, and to tidy their hair a bit.
     O. God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
Lend me a little tobacco-shop,
                        or install me in any profession
Save this damn'd profession of writing,
                        where one needs one's brains all the time. 
*Note: poetry by Ezra Pound "The Lake Isle"- This poem is an invocation used to call forth or make a request/wish  like a prayer which was common in the  ancient poetry of the Greeks and Romans.