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Being Broke

To be abundant we must learn to overcome the feeling of being broke. Learning how to save is important to have extra money put aside for some security, or emergency need.  The positive feeling of having money saved attracts larger amounts of money. In order to stop this feeling of being broke all the time, let your savings act as a magnet for increasing abundance and prosperity. Eliminate all negative emotions attached to money, for example,  if you concentrate on debt then debt is what you will have. Positive energy attracts, so  the best approach is to activate the emotion of being abundant to attract prosperity; otherwise, if you find yourself always complaining about the amount of money you don't have sends the wrong message because negative energy repels, and it will continue to block your positive flow of abundance. In order to attract money, it must circulate by giving and receiving.  If nothing goes out then money doesn't come in because the flow has stopped. The exchange of services that you provide and the amount of energy you release into the world comes back to you in monetary form. Money is a symbol of energy. When you hold back from releasing money in a positive way, it will dam up your resources and stop the inflow of  abundance to you. Money is a medium of exchange, we have to value our time and energy to allow abundance to enter into our lives freely and harmoniously.  To allow the flow of abundance, set up an open channel of income streams by initiating a business, selling a product, exchanging and providing goods and services. If you work for someone else put your best effort forward and receive a raise or promotion. You are part of an abundant universe and whatever your line of work is remember that you are abundant in some way shape or form. Open up the flood gates, keep doing your best and abundance will naturally follow.

*photo credit:http://thetrustadvisor.com/headlines/banks-generate