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Wheel of Fortune

We all at some point in our lives will realize the wheel of fortune spinning in one direction or the other. This usually happens when we attempt to strive for something like graduating from school, seeking relationships, and success in business. The wheel of fortune represents the ups and downs the energy flow of our current situation whether it be school, job/work, romance/relationships. There are moments of joy, well-being, stroke of luck, basically a period when things just swing in our favor; however, there can be times when we feel stressed, and things go sideways, but  the way to deal with shifts from one side to the other is to accept the change, realize the facts, and learn from the experience to work on what we might be able to change. Once  the realization occurs that the Wheel of Fortune will mix light and shadow and  that we must learn how to go with the flow because the wheel of fortune (as in the Tarot is a Major Arcana  Numeral x card) is always turning, and that everything is always in flux.  For example, if you feel that you don't have enough money, pretend that you do because worrying will make you less magnetic to abundance. Instead see what can be done today and what appropriate action to take vibrates a positive message within you that you can succeed and create some level of prosperity for yourself.