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My Uzi Cigar Weighs a Ton

my uzi weighs a ton
MUWAT stands for My Uzi Weighs a Ton is supposedly named after Public Enemy’s song “Mi uzi Weighs a Ton”.  My Uzi Weighs is a collaboration between Drew Estate and Joya De Nicaragua and released by Drew Estate Subculture Studios.  I heard that this is also a personal blend  of Jonathan Drew.  The three original blends all have a 6o inch gauge in 5x60, 6x60 and 7x60. The other two is the Baitfish at 4x44 and the +11  at ”5 1/2 x 52″. The  6 x 60 I smoke is a dark brown toothy oily wrapper with flavors of cinnamon spice and hints of chocolate mixed with Brazilian nut flavor. This is a heavy medium cigar with a touch of complexity in terms of flavor and the overall balance of the cigar. This is a good steady cigar that I will keep in my daily rotation.